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Horoscopes 7/1-7/9


Airy aries — some things are actually materializing for you this week in a way that not only you can see, but others can admire as well. Keep this ball rolling by moving forward at the lightning pace your mind anticipates. Don’t let others’ “reasonable” trepidations hold you back.

Song: Lise “Charastmatic Dancewear”


Sturdy, stubborn, and lovable, let this new moon push you to think outside yourself. Think outside your vapid social circle. Think past your boundaries. It will be tough to grow if you don’t let your mind see past what is. Imagine instead what could be.

Song: Thundercat “Them Changes”


You are a true gem with both your ruling planet and lucky Saturn playing favorites with you this week. Your creative mind is doing figure eights around your compatriots, but your positive energy is so blinding no one will mind. Enjoy your power!

Song: Anne-Marie “Gemini”


At times, you struggle to push yourself, but as we move closer to entering your sign, you will see that all you need to move forward is your already-present inner momentum. Actively pursue: that new cutie, a step up in your seemingly dead-end job, or a new creative endeavor. If you start looking, you’ll start seeing opportunities.

Song: ABRA “Fruit”


Your inner lioness is clawing her way out this week. Venus is in your sign now, making you even more playful, wily, and adventurous in the game of love than usual. In a period when romance is the end-game, not a stepping stone to anything more permanent, enjoy a roll in the sand with your summer fling.

Song: MC Melodee “Love Tip”


I hate to say it, but you’re looking at a rough couple of weeks ahead. You like practicality, plans, and being in control. Life is about to shake it up for you, and it’s up to you to swing dance through these do-si-dos as elegantly and quickly as you can. If you learn to embrace what you cannot regulate, you’ll have a lot more fun.

Song: CocoRosie “Surfer Girl (Beach Boys Cover)”


The full moon is happening in your “foundational” house, bringing even more balance and reflection to you this week and shedding light on past issues that you have been working on. Celebrate your successes and practice gratitude with those that helped you get to your new-found glory.

Song: Gallant “Weight in Gold”


Saturn in Scorpio since mid-June is a planet of growth, and it’s challenging for you. Even when the skies are mellow, you are more intense and sensitive then most. With this pressure, don’t demand so much from yourself that you buckle. Instead, try to step back from the go-go-go with at least one quiet-time park day all to yourself.

Song: Toro y Moi feat. Kool A.D. and SAFE “2Late”


You have some of the most innovative ideas, but they will never be realized if you don’t share them with others. The full moon gives you the power to take those inward thoughts and turn them into outward actions. Let it all hang out without fear of judgement in order to realize your brilliance.

Song: Soho Knights “Leks Rivers”


On July 1st, with the full moon in Capricorn, all the signs are treated to the grounding practicality and confidence that you enjoy year round. You of course will experience this heightened strength ten-fold, ensuring a boisterous round of You’re a Grand Old Cap(ricorn) over the holiday weekend.

Song: Sharkmuffin “First Date”


The Jay-Z and B of the sky: Jupiter and Venus trine your ruling planet this week, making things hubba hubba hot for you. Equal parts soul-mate-stare and sizzling-sexy-time expected.

Song: BNJMN & Maurice Moore “Girlfriend”


You’re a slippery fish, Pisces, always keeping those in your social circle at bay by being the leader of the pack. This week, try to break down those walls and level with those that love you. Your vulnerability is the cutest thing about you.

Song: London O’Connor “GUTS”

Horoscopes and collage by Lucy

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