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Horoscopes 7/31 — 8/07


A full moon in your house of friendships is exactly what you need right now to forget that professional struggles and romantic stressors abound. Take the weekend to recharge with pals and forget all the heavy woes weighing down your natural creativity.

Song: Keith Ape ”IT G MA Remix”


The time has come, the walrus said, to get your shit together. A full moon in your career zone plus your ruling planet returning to home base takes away the last of the excuses you’ve been clinging too. You now have all the focus and energy needed to step up. Things are lining up professionally for you in ways you’ve been plotting for months. Strike while the iron is hot! Things at home will be settled for you when you need to rest.

Song: Allan Kingdom “Take It”


It’s time for you to get away. You’ve been feeling disillusioned and maybe a little lonely? New places and new faces are sure to get you back to being the glass-half-full thinker you’re known to be. Reconciliation with resurgent old feelings and clarification from a blank slate will have you back to normal in no time.

Song: võx “Put The Poison In Me”


A lot is happening for you now, but you will only reap the true rewards if you share your successes and the hard work it takes to get to the top with others. Don’t scare anyone off with one of your legendary mood swings. Who knows if you’ll need their assistance or support in the future. Best not to burn bridges, especially when everything seems to be going your way.

Song: Sean Leon “This Ain’t 2012″


It’s easy to find distractions — that new job, nights out with friends, another beautiful morning jog. This week, it’s important to focus on yourself. Not in the basic self-care spa-night way either. Think about who you are. Think about the important relationships in your life and how they shape you. It’s important to reassert yourself as Venus re-enters your sign and you determine what is really meaningful for you now.

Song: BUOY “Close/Open”


Take a deep breath and repeat after me — I cannot control everything. I cannot control everything. I cannot control everything. This week you really need to let the little stuff slide. Communicate about why you need things a certain way. If you can’t justify your decisions to someone else, maybe there are better options around.

Song: Mabel “Know Me Better”


Lil ole Libra. You love a show, we know. It’s one of the best because theatrical as it may seem to the rest of us, you’re not fronting. You really are that high drama. L-o-l. Keep your lovers guessing and your friends anticipating your latest scheme. As long as you stick to the balance and morality that drives you, all dramatics can be in good fun.

Song: Estelle “Make Her Say (Beat it Up)”


Domestic realms woo you this week with the comfy couches and air conditioned caves you’ve grown accustomed to. It’s okay to maintain a relaxed vibe at home this week, but it would do you some good to get out and about now as energy from the full moon has potential to shine light on new friendships and projects.

Song: Don’t You Wait “Cloves”


Sag the sage — you wise one. Everybody knows you are the best giver of concise advise. Don’t be afraid to speak up this week, as your message comes through louder and clearer than ever. Venus may be in retrograde, but a full moon gives you the gift of gab to communicate while others fall mute. Don’t take their silence as criticism but rather as observation and awe of your depth and lucidity.

Song: Painted Palms “Disintegrate”


Confusion — we all feel it at times, but Kippy-Cap you got it bad this week. In the ways of traditional “success” you’re all set, especially with the full moon trying to “Upgrade U.” Where does your emotional stability play into all this, hmmm? That’s something for me to know, and you to find out. I encourage you to work through these feelings and focus more on the inner success than the material.

Song: Charly Bliss “Love Me”


Your feet are on the ground, but your head is in the clouds dear Aquarius. Now is a time to be present for those who need you, and to be present and in tune with your own desires. To truly channel these dreams, you need to slow down and take a good look around. The answers to your big questions may be more apparent than you initially thought.

Song: Tev Woods “Acid Love”


You’ve got a great mind, but creative floundering ain’t cute. Action is imperative if you want to “make it.” It’s not so much about executing a flawless vision as the cornerstone for all creative endeavors, it’s more about being where those who support you will flock. Find community with these people, not difference. Change is inevitable, so why not make it now?

Song: Chinah “away from me”


Horoscopes by Lucy.

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