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Horoscopes 8/28 – 9/4

Horoscopes and collage by Lucy


You can take care of yourself… and everybody else for that matter. Your amazing spirit flows out to all those you come in contact with. But for real please rein it in. If you keep this full moon full boar thing up at the rate you’re going you are going to have no energy left over for that self-care we’ve talked about.

Song: Tink “L E A S H”


You might often feel yourself reaching for the reassurance of others, but you don’t really need their help or support. In fact, you’re pretty awesome when you act independently. However, now is a good time to collaborate. Don’t worry, you keep doing you and they shall come.

Song: No Doubt “Simple Kind of Life”


Lol remember when you were down and out? Oh, I mean yesterday. Doesn’t it seem like ages ago that you were having a tough go of it? Well, things may be peachy now with a full moon lighting up your great chapter of success, but it’s really uncool to alienate those that reminded you of the more important things in life when you were feeling lost. It’s easy to discard downers when you’re on the up and up — it’s just not very nice.

Song: Lily Allen “Shame For You”


You have some regrets in life and they all come from things you never said… and in some cases, never even admitted to yourself. Knock that off or the full moon will do it for you. Now is a time for bar-none honesty. We’re seriously all dying to hear the good stuff you’ve been saving on that shelf of yours.

Song: Sophie B. Hawkins “Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover”


It’s that moment in your summer movie when the music swells and you have to make a decision. Don’t worry, it will be an easy one. Almost like it was written for you… in the stars. The full moon brings you all things that bond to you. Let them stick.

Song: Six Pence None The Richer “Kiss Me”


You can be quick when you want to. You see what you need and act. It would be a good idea to apply this decision-making set of skills to relationships in the coming week. A full moon can be fulfilling when you are actualizing romantic dreams, but you’re going to need to be the decisive one in that painful first move.

Song: Kate Nash “I Hate Seagulls”


If one cig is good, a hundred has got be great, right? Nah…. Nah. C’mon you’re supposed to be the sensible one here. Balance. Your health is a real thing and you’re entering a period of fruition now, whether that be relationship, career, goals, whatever. Don’t ruin it by being so physically out of it that you can’t experience this joy to the fullest.

Song: K CAMP “Comfortable”


You have a flare for what some would call theatrics and others would call just plain drama. The funny thing is you claim it follows you. You need to learn to save it for the stage, hun. Or family outings, or frisbee practice. Save it for whatever you do that creates energy in your life. Don’t waste anymore time on fruitless fights and meaningless gossip wars. You’re too good for that shit and your time is too precious.

Song: su na “Hudson”


It’s okay to come out of your head and into your heart every once in a whilem you know. You are a sensitive soul as well as a smartie, so pause this full moon to stop thinking for a minute and just feel. Weep with joy or sadness, laugh at nothing in particular. Practice a little emotional self-care.

Song: Joni Mitchell “Cactus Tree”


Don’t let an opportunity for comfortable intimacy get away unnoticed. Give friendships their due. It’s okay to not always have a lover in the pipeline. Relish in your easy and wonderful life overflowing with love in all kinds of relationships.

Song: Jhene Aiko “Eternal Sunshine”


This week give yourself permission to return to a fun-loving energy. You’ve done some soul-searching work all summer, and now you can reap the blissful benefits of what was good and it will continue to add to your life in all the right ways.

Song: Avril Lavigne “Sk8r Boi”


The full moon in your sign means a time to return to your truth. It’s a time to do whatever is calling you. And don’t worry — Mr. Right, in terms of creativity, will come calling. Enjoy this time of bliss and don’t get bogged down in the details and the meaning. Just go with the good stuff.

Song: The Zombies “Time of the Season”


Horoscopes by Lucy.

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