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Ice Balloons on the road: First day of Tour! Cleveland

Ice Balloons is on tour and phoning in their tour diaries! Check back for further installments, and stop by a show, see tour dates below.

Photo by Daggers For Eyes, find her on Instagram here.

WE rolled into Beachland in Cleveland super late cause first day of tour is a mess when you’re Ice Balloons and it felt like we’d already been out for a month but right away we new it was gonna be cool—THERE’S A KILLER THRIFT STORE RIGHT IN THE CLUB! And also cause the chef Rich (I think?) made an awesome salad! The opening band Mourning a Blackstar was fucking excellent and Leafborbie was cool too! We played really terrible as we were fried as hell but I guess we were new to the people there cause they seemed to like it and bought records and stuff afterwards and WE ACTUALLY GOT PAID which is always nice.

Then we found a Motel 6 down the road and Dan got soo stoned he had no idea where he was and fell asleep in the front seat so the security guard kicked Dan and I (passed out in the back) down the road. You gotta have someone sleep in the van when you got all your shit in it. Dan drove completely baked around suburban Cleveland at 2am almost hitting several startled deer until we found a forgotten corner next to a mortuary and fell asleep. YAY TOUR!

Next up for Ice Balloons: 9/21—New Orleans, LA || 9/22 — Austin, TX || 9/23 — El Paso, TX || 9/24 — Tucson, AZ || 9/27 — Los Angeles, CA || 9/28 — San Francisco, CA

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