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Week two with Ice Balloons: Desert Implosion

Ice Balloons is on tour and phoning in their tour diaries! Check back for further installments, and stop by a show, see tour dates below.


The cups are round, but the liquid inside takes the shape of whatever vessel is willing to hold it. While still in the cup, it seems totally cylinder, but as soon as your pour it in your mouth it goes all strand-like and mouth shaped until it settles in the bag of your gut.

A young fly protege

A young fly protege

The getting-rid of the drugs is the saddest part of El Paso. There should be some kind of exchange so you can leave them behind for other hapless bands that have just come from drugs-free areas. Al Jorgeson killing mosquitos with his heroin-packed arms, like a gentle hug of oblivion. I like walking around amid all the empty cube buildings and watching the kids break into places. It feels like you can get away with a lot of stuff there, cause what else are they gonna do? Cops slow roll past, eye-fucking the shit out of me like I’m a hot homeless dude they can’t wait to get their cuffs on, and what have I done? Nothing! It’s those sweet looking kids that are breaking in the abandoned building next door (Dani thinks they were gonna smoke crack but I think they were just on a fun exploring mission). I ate too much delicious Mexican food from Taps and now I feel round – is that a crime? YES IT IS.


Our show in Tuscon at the 100 year-old Hotel Congress was a disaster. The staff was so courteous and accommodating, Ryan the production dude/soundman was super pro and made everything sound crisp and alive, the stage was super ornate and old looking – all of which made it even worse when there was only four or five people in the giant room that could hold 300. They fed us a beautiful trout dinner and gave us free rooms in the hotel that Dillinger spent his last night in before being gunned down by the pigs

on the street, and we really gave them nothing back except for our trashcan of sound clanging around an empty room. And they paid us! I felt so sheepish accepting the money but we are on a zero-budget and needed it for gas. So we settled down in the outdoor patio of the hotel and drank wine as chill as the desert wind that flowed over us and drank ourselves into a guilt-free sleep on their super comfortable beds.

Craig from Volar Records and BA hanging in front

Craig from Volar Records and BA hanging in front

The next morning we stopped by Tuscon Thrift Shop which had awesome patches, skull-mood rings and bright, bright clothes, and we forgot about everything!

Does the desert Gila woodpecker feel guilty about boring its den into the top of the tallest saguaro cacti? It doesn’t kill the friendly tree, and makes a safe space to raise the little ones, a place for them to try on discarded clothes and iron patches on their tattered rags and try on colorful dresses and mood rings.


Miles and miles of saguaro cactuses waving at us as we sped through southern Arizona, waving at us with their spiny arms as if hoping we would stop and help them out of their frozen green shape. If we had time we would rescue all the cactuses from their desert torture chambers and take them with us in a nice comfy trailer with the AC cranked and I don’t know what they like to watch on TV but they would have the full range of channels to choose from. It seems like they would all pick one, like – no argument, of course we all want to watch FORENSIC FILES, because who can resist narrator PETER THOMAS’s velvety urgent voice as he lays out the sordid details of what got left behind? You always know at the beginning of every episode SOMEONE IS LYING.

Sunfoot at Helmuth Projects

Sunfoot at Helmuth Projects

Anyway, we finally got to HELMUTH PROJECTS and it was amazing! Such a cool vibe and people and HEXA and PALL JENKINS and SUN FOOT all played great shows and people didn’t seem to mind when we played either. Then we went off to stay in this crazy artist residency place with flashing lights and snacks SHIP IN THE WOODS. I love San Diego!

DAY NINE: finally a day off!

Nothing to report, just binge-watched a bunch of FORENSIC FLIES while sitting on Greg’s comfy couch.


It sounds like a mystical elf-land with flowing green pools and sparkles everywhere. My favorite band POW! played and they were killer, totally shredding as they do. I hope someday we can tour with them. The show was great and it was another cluster-fuck of people from all over, so weird how many NY peeps, literal peeps, were there kinda disorienting. I was talking to my friend Greg and then my friend Marc Razo walked up and was all ‘Oh hey man, I was outside while you guys played’ – who says that shit? I usually lie because who cares anyway. Anyway then I was like “Greg this is my friend Marc from Electric Boogie” AND IT WAS AN HONEST MISTAKE I wasn’t trying to be snarky because it totally doesn’t matter, but if I were trying to it would have been a great comeback dis.

LA is great cause the bars close at 2am and you’re all ‘Man, c’mon, I wanna stay out and drink more!’ but then the next day you’re like ‘THANK FUCKING GOD’ cause no one needs to stay up that late! Nothing good happens after 3am that isn’t already happening at 1am. You’re just stealing the psychic energy from future you and future you will curse you for the miserable sop you are.

10/2 – Portland, OR || 10/3 Seattle, WA || 10/5 Boise, ID || 10/6 – Salt Lake City, UT (with King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard) || 10/7 – Denver, CO || 10/9 – Omaha, NE

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