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Indoor Pets @ Mercury Lounge

Something unfortunate about New York shows — It is very rare to find one where the crowd is willing to dance. Ordinarily, you have to head out to the punk shows to drink in a higher level of energy. It’s the coolness factor. New York prides itself on having seen it all, done it all, and nothing new can catch their attention now.

I am happy to say that Indoor Pets is that new, shiny thing that finally captured New York’s attention.

Of course, Indoor Pets has a history of playing energetic shows — unsurprising, as their music is addictively danceable.

Performing alongside Dube at Mercury Lounge this past week, Indoor Pets put together a set list including a few of the tracks off their upcoming album Be Content, and if the US wasn’t familiar with Indoor Pets before, they certainly are now.

Not bad for a first ever US tour.

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