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Interview: CCTV and existentialism with Warmduscher

Jack Everett (ex-Fat White Family) was in town, so I jumped at the opportunity to meet him. We talked about the after Fat White Family, the tour life, Rock, Warmduscher and also about his last collaborative performance with Soojin Chang at the MoMA PS1.

You are living in London and you just spend some time here in New York. What do you like about it? Do you see yourself living here? 

I like New York, seems like you can do what you want. There’s less CCTV and no one gives a shit about what you’re doing. London can be pretty claustrophobic and boring. I’m not too knowledgable about the current rock scene in either city, but there’s a lot of miserable people in both, so it should be flourishing.

 You use to tour a lot and surely you gonna tour again, can you tell me what that looks like? Is tour life really sex, drugs and Rock’n’Roll?

 It’s more like a tiny crack which slowly – almost unnoticeably – widens  into a huge emotional chasm. I think some people assume you’re rolling round town having the greatest time on earth, which is true to some extent, but a large portion of that time is spent staring out the van window silently, fists clenched, with headphones plugged into nothing. I think it depends on the person. I love touring, it’s the closest you can get to God without dying. My advice is spend a lot of your time on acid.

How was Warmduscher born, who’s in the band? You also have to explain to non-German speakers what Warmduscher means because I think it’s pretty funny!

 Warmduscher was born around 2014. It was me, Saul, and Clams Baker III. We wanted to start a band like Pussy Galore and Royal Trux mixed with Meatloaf and ended up making nothing of the sort. Dr. Withers (from Paranoid London, as well as Clams) and Saltfingers (Ben Romans-Hopcraft) and Cuddles aka The Duchess aka Quicksand (Adam J Harmer) joined later. Clams came up with the name, it’s a German insult which basically means wimp—you’re a wimp because you take warm showers. We also love being pissed on so it’s a double entendre—very cerebral stuff.

You play in a post punk band with a very middle finger sort of aggressive energy.Do you use anger to play  music?

After I play I usually feel pretty relaxed and purged of something negative, I’m not sure if it’s anger. In Warmduscher it’s more an idea of doing what you want and doing what feels juicy and right. If that means giving the middle-finger then so be it. I was raised by the 4th Viceroy of India so I have impeccable manners.

Recently you played with the artist Soojin Chang at MoMA PS1. It was a very powerful and unique performance. How did the project/collaboration happen and how did it feel playing in a “museum” ? 

We wanted to collaborate for a while and everything coincided at that time. Soojin had made three separate video projections for a piece on the human hair trade around the world and wanted me to do live sound in a giant hair suit. I hadn’t really done too many sound performances before so it was exciting and a little nerve-wracking. It was great being inside a huge dome, I’d like to be inside more domes. Not sure that’s worth mentioning

Are we gonna see more collaborations between yourself and Soojin? Are we gonna see Warmduscher play stateside in the near future??

Yeah, Soojin and I have been recording some demos under the name Frog Boys and will probably be doing something with those soon, it’s kind of like Korean g-funk. It’s difficult as we live in different countries. We’d love to come and slobber over NYC and the US. We want to give you what you all so desperately need. You hear that? Give you what you need!

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