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Interview with Beverly’s Drew Citron

Beverly is a brainchild of Frankie Rose (she of the solo, Vivian Girls, Dum Dum Girls, and Crystal Stilts fame) and Drew Citron (she of Avan Lava fame). The band’s debut Careers, is a collaboration that doesn’t feel like one. Drew and Frankie seem to sync their sound together so well that anyone without knowledge of Beverly’s backstory would probably assume Beverly was a solo artist and not a duo. That seems to be the point for the two artists behind the band, though when we interviewed Drew about the band and their album, she obviously didn’t take herself — or the band — too seriously. Maybe we should all follow suit. More below.

Where does the name Beverly come from? Is that a sort of alter ego to you both?

Beverly kicks around outside the 7-11 and doesn’t talk to the other kids.

Why call the album Careers?

It’s serious and also completely not, like Beverly.

Drew, when we interviewed you with Avan Lava you mentioned that Mary J. Blige was an influence of yours. Does that still count with Beverly? Or just with life in general? Why?

‘Cause she’s just Mary. I love her; Queen Latifah, Jill Scott, Erykah Badu. These are general life influencers for me because they are all badasses. You won’t ever hear me sing like them in Beverly, although I do in the shower.

Both of you are skilled multi-instrumentalists. How old were you when you started playing? What advice do you have for someone in their early 20s that’s just starting out playing?

I started playing piano when I was a little kid and learned guitar from my dad in middle school. I guess my advice would be to pick some songs you like and learn tabs, which is what I did. I had to figure out barre chords if I wanted to play along with my 311 CD.


In an interview Frankie called people under 25 fetuses (in regards to touring and being in bands). Do you agree? What advice would you give to young bands?

I have some friends that are younger than me who have been touring longer than I have, and that seems hard. I didn’t know myself very well before the age of 25, and I wasn’t sure what I wanted. So I think touring would have been stressful and very booze-soaked in a detrimental way. My advice would be to keep the touring booze-sprinkled, and not booze-soaked…

Your Twitter bio just says “Duchess.” Which I thought was great! How can everyone find their inner duchess?

Pilates. Just kidding, Soul Cycle.




Photographed by Cheryl Georgette Arent for Issue #2. Follow her on Twitter @bohemianforest
Interview by Alex Martinez. Follow her on Twitter @xxalexm




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