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Issue 6.5 is here!

For the few that care—at one point we were working on an issue 6. It actually featured these interviews with The Growlers, The Garden, and BOYTOY all of which ended up on site when it became clear that we were not going to be able to print it.

When we solidified our SXSW lineup we felt the impulse to try again. This time arguably more (or less!) ambitious. A physically bigger issue—features with the bands interviewing each other, art from the musicians and artwork from some of the people involved with the growth of Alt Citizen.

You can currently order a copy online or if you know me (Tamim!) and are in New York shoot me a text and I’ll literally physically bring one to you. We also have new dope stickers from Cynthia Alfonoso (she did all our end of year, best of posters!) which will make it out in orders while supplies last.

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