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Issue 7: Julian Casablancas interviews The Voidz

We always kinda get asked the same things so I decided I’d interview the band and ask them questions that interested me personally, or what I thought might be interesting to others… Also, we’re all kind of interviewing each other throughout. Enjoy 

— Julian Casablancas

Photo: Daggers For Eyes

Issue 7 of the zine is out tomorrow with guest editor Julian Casablancas interviewing The Voidz of which he says, “hopefully real essence finally distilled — a needed contrast to the run-of-the-mill article / agendas we seem to run into every time we do press…” The band invites the reader to be a fly on the wall as they delve into personal discussions on their families and upbringings, loneliness, Quad-Dualism, and the allure of darkness.

Some excerpts from the issue:

Jake Bercovici: Anyone who is so beholden to a narrative is doing it out of fear of their own identity being taken away from them and not having a grasp on reality that they’re comfortable with. But the reality is if you put someone on enough milligrams of the right chemical or plant, they’re not who they think they are anymore. Under the right auspices, that is the cure for civilization. First, God died because civilization came along. Now civilization is dead because the internet came along. We’re becoming one nervous system.

Photo: Lauren Khalfayan

Beardo: I guess I’m fascinated with darkness. I don’t really believe in religions that much and I don’t believe in the devil either, but I’m fascinated in darkness more than I am in lightness. I feel like, for me, the more real things come out darkness than they do out of light.

Photo: Luis Lucio

Alex Carapetis: I think sometimes people pick up an instrument because it becomes their best friend and maybe people let them down and they’re like, “My drums don’t let me down.” So you’d rather spend time with your drums.

Photo: Cheryl Georgette

You can order the zine here or pick up a copy in person at Cult Citizen at Elsewhere on 9/18

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