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Jan 25: Petal, Sir Babygirl, Cave People @ Rough Trade

Hi! So this recommendation is not the normal bill you hear about in Brooklyn. It’s not a garage-rock, punk, or rock n roll show. It’s a pop-heavy bill that’s super queer-lady heavy, a welcome reprise from all the super macho shows around.
Sir Babygirl is new to Brooklyn and generating a ton of buzz thanks to bops like “Heels.”  The hype for her upcoming debut album is real and this is your chance to get in on the ground floor. The live show is sure to be an epic dance party.
Headliner Petal’s is one of the most underrated pop-rock out there right now. Kiley Lots’ songs will make you cry, or help you realize you really need to get your shit together and talk to a therapist.  It’s sure to be a cathartic night all around. Don’t miss it you squares.
16+ $15, details and tickets here.

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