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July 22: Yaasss, The Muckers, Rose Cologne @ Baby’s All Right, (21+) $10

Poster by Alberto Pazzi.

The fictitious Baby’s All Right’s parking lot is used to being full of magic carpets and camels waiting for their sweaty drunk owners to come collect them and all of this is thanks to Yaasss and The Muckers.

Of course on July 22nd it will probably be the best of the worst of times since YAASSS and The Muckers are playing together joined by the new band Rose Cologne (MASHALLAH ماشالله)!

I haven’t had the chance to see Rose Cologne but besides a name that smells good, the band has everything they need. Experienced musicians Chillemi, Alex Fippinger (of The Mary Vision) and Nasa should give the evening a nice and romantic rock’n’roll lubrication. 

I already have some sugar melting in my heart for the rest of the show. The Muckers, who proved more than once (especially since coming back from their first tour), that they know how to make the audience boogie. Semi psychedelic rock band usually offers a good tranche of guitar riffs and funky drums. 

After that, there is no way you can rest, maybe just in time for a run to the bathroom because YAASSS is closing the party. 

The nothing to lose, glittery, falafel punk band YAASSS is gonna serve some well-orchestrated shit show as they should but this time for the release of their first single. An orgy of chickpeas and macaroni salad of humans fluids on the front row—glamorous that doesn’t give a fuck, Yaasss is raw catharsis on stage.

Bring your finest sequins but not your domestic lamb nor little sister and enjoy the unhealthy chorus of those crazy clowns. I’m telling you again, a handshake that ends in sodomy is a YAASSS promise !

All the savors of Iran and Brooklyn unite on the 22nd at Baby’s All Right. 

بعدأ میبینمت 

21+, details and tickets here.

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