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June 19: Mick’s Jaguar ‘Fame and Fortune’ record release @ Saint Vitus

Mick’s Jaguar started out as a Rolling Stones cover band before they decided to start writing original music.

When they started writing and creating their own music, the band caught the attention of RidingEasy Records and now they are making a name for themselves. Mick’s Jaguar don’t just dress like rockers, they live like rockers, with songs like “The Real Boss” with a nod to Brooklyn and amazing songs with riffs that have you playing air guitar and bobbing your head all night like in “Blood On the Snow.”

If you couldn’t get enough of the above songs, be sure to roll up to their record release at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on June 19th and slide into their DMs on their socials!

Find the band on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter and pre order the album on Bandcamp

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