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KOLARS @ Rough Trade NYC

Photos by Lauren Khalfayan, find more of her work here

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In a trifecta of glittering sequins, performance art, and percussive glam-rock, KOLARS delivered an electric performance at Rough Trade NYC this past weekend. Despite their seemingly bare setup of guitar and drums, the sound that emerges fills your body, resonates in your chest, and will be playing in your head on repeat for the foreseeable future. Rob Kolar is a reinvented Johnny Cash complete with throaty crooning and a sparkling tux, while Lauren Kolar takes on a snappy and sensual character as she utilizes her entire body as a tap dancing, mirrorball drumstick. Competing with several other anticipated gigs in the area, KOLARS drew an older, slightly less riotous crowd than their rollicking rockabilly was worthy of, but I have a feeling they’ll be making Brooklyn dance with them again sometime very soon.

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