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Mixtape: Leo season

Dear Leo, as a solar and fire sign you are a passionate and extroverted being. You’re also theatrical, creative and very hospitable. If you’re not subject to patronization and condescension, people just sing your praises.

The Lion also has superior inner strength and can get through any obstacles in their way. And like Coco Chanel who was a Leo you have a high level of elegance and class.

But pride is your Achilles heel and when you feel disrespected you react swiftly and harshly. Romantic relationships can be a challenge for you but who gives a shit since you’re a very good friend always ready to have fun!

Gold and yellow are your color and a homage to your grace and flamboyance. In honor of all of this and of your special month, here’s a disco and new wave mixtape to shine all night long!

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