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Letter from the editor: a few things bringing me joy

Listen I don’t believe in astrology—I think it’s a load of shit whenever someone starts with me about how I’m a “typical capricorn.” And don’t get me started on the rising sun falling moon or whatever shit it is—same goes for mercury in retrograde or anything else. The world is just currently a hellish forest fire—and we think there are people putting it out because it looks like they’re using fire hoses but in reality they are actually just dumping gasoline on it.

Anyways! What I’m always trying to say is that the world is exceedingly horrible—in yes a general sense but also it seems like on a micro level every person I know is going through some shit, obviously myself included!!!!! So I am getting very into these tiny things that bring me joy and trying to recognize and be thankful for them until this garbage fire in my life is put out.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

This show is feel good in a horrible way because all of the people are horrible but so amusing and entertaining. It makes you feel good without being overly sentimental. I’m particularly stuck on the episodes “The Gang Dines Out” and “The Gang Group Dates.”

Lala Lala The Lamb

The corniest shit in the world is to say that an album got you through a tough time and this one hasn’t exactly. But it has resonated with me especially during this time. This album is warm and comforting in the way that a friend who has gone through the same type of bleak circumstances and experiences can be comforting. I don’t know I guess I find myself both happy and sad crying to this record but most importantly I guess is the fact that I can’t stop listening to it.

The 1975 “Love It If We Made It”

Okay I want to start off by saying I truly know and feel how horrible this band is. This song is also wild because the lyrics are just so juvenile. The song is a commentary on the world without actually offering any insight (one of the lyrics is literally “rest in peace Lil Peep”). But fuck it it’s catchy.

“Your Love is My Favorite Band” The Vaccines

The Vaccines started out strong and have gotten arguably less interesting with every release since What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? This song is okay not “good” in the way where it will survive the test of time and be played at jukeboxes across the country but again FUCK IT it’s fun to sing to and is more upbeat than the rest of the noise rock I tend to listen to.

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