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Listen: Baby In Vain “Transcendent”

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Baby in Vain’s latest track, “Transcendent” sounds like what Joss Wheeden would play at the end of a Buffy episode. So naturally, I love it. In the tradition of fitting song titles, the Danish trio have evolved into the tantalizing ambient punk band we all need right now. “Transcendent” is the first lick off their upcoming album following the release of their last EP, For the Kids. The track builds up on their enticing haunted house sound while the lead singer blissfully oozes lyrics, “Searching through my mind, there is no where I can hide, It’s over.” By the the time you reach the middle of the track, the bass feels like it is reaching out and sucking you in. How’s that for Monday blues?

Check out Baby in Vain “Transcendent” below:

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