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Listen: BANKS “Goddess”


Every time Banks drops another track she reveals a little more about herself. The latest offering, “Goddess” (produced by Lil Silva) is a woozy, hypnotic wonder with some seriously sharp attitude. Since last year, the Los Angeles-based misteriosa has released a handful of brooding yet beautiful morsels that were devoured by fans and critics alike.

Traveling in this cloud of elusiveness has proved successful because everyone wants more Banks and on September 9th they’ll finally get it via her debut LP, Goddess. On previous songs, Banks sounds lonely (see “Waiting Game”) or lovesick (see “Warm Water”) but on “Goddess,” her words cut like a knife. Lyrically, the title track’s a straight-up confrontation addressing an ex-lover: “You should’ve crowned her, cause she’s a goddess, you never got this.” The chip on her shoulder is so believable it ignites chills. Listen below.

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