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Listen: Big White “On and On”

Review by Julie-Anna George.

On the occasion of the release of their latest track “On and On” (premiering last week via Rolling Stone), let’s talk about that Australian band, Big White. You’re not gonna see them live in New York City this coming month but the Internet will give you the keys to their music.

I met the band twice actually, first in Berlin (the local NYC venue) when the band was about to move to the city and again in Paris during their european tour.With three guitars, a keyboarder that sometimes plays the bass, drums and three singers, Big White is new wave with twangs of post-punk, or the opposite. 

They are not as gothic as The Cure, probably not as punk The Birthday, not as much of a concept band as Devo, but closer to something close to Gang of Four with some elements of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and the coolness of Mac Demarco.

The strength of the group is also that it’s constant while being almost polymorphic. Jack, Nicholas and Cody are the three guitars of the group but they also all sing. And depending on who takes the vocal lead, the hues of the group change. Cody, for example, will bring a touch of punk tension, Nicholas moves through the new wave almost into psychedelic. 

Here with “On and On” the new wave asserts itself and the classic rock guitar flirts with pop vibes. The track perfect for our long winter evenings, reminding us that it’s always summer time somewhere.

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