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Listen: Blackplate “Sliding”

Feeling enslaved by and powerless to your own circumstances, including those inflicted on you by the emotional turmoil of a relationship turned sour, can be overwhelming to say the least. Blackplate’s “Sliding” translates the weight of that feeling into an all consuming soundscape of escalating droning and pared down, but impassioned, percussion.

It’s brutally honest, emotive, and heartbreaking. Songwriter Sean Casement adds a Jackson Pollock palette of colors to his work through the specificity of his lyricism and his raw delivery. Unable to stop the feeling of “Sliding” — going through the motions in a Herculean effort to simply make it through the day — that sensation is channeled into an all out outpouring of sound as a means of release, a request for escape, a last ditch effort for redemption. There’s a juxtaposition between the feelings of guilt, nostalgia, resentment, and the love that still remains for the partner of toxic relationship. It’s painful in it’s sincerity, but as a listener, the release is endlessly rewarding.

You can Pre-Order Blackplate’s record Everyday is Sadderday out January 18th via Muddguts If you were lucky enough to get a ticket, they’re playing two sold out show’s at Baby’s All Right this weekend. 

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