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Listen: Bush Tetras “Red Heavy”

It’s always an exciting day in music when a 1970s NYC punk group graces the world with more music.

The pioneering band Bush Tetras were one of the leaders of post-punk. They wreaked havoc on the gritty streets of NYC and were calling out the creeps before it was even cool. Their break out hits “Too Many Creeps” and “Cowboys In Africa” are staple songs in the genre’s history. Ask any punk you see on the street and I’m sure they’ll tell you that the day they discovered Bush Tetras was the day they knew there was no turning back.

They’ve released a single and announced the release of a new EP Take The Fall, out March 13 via Wharf Cat Records (pre-order here).

The single “Red Heavy” is from a time capsule. The style, sound and voice of original frontwoman Cynthia Sleys slams you smack down in the middle of a bar fight in CBGB’s right before a bottle cracks over your head. The provoking distorted and steady beats combined with raspy anguished vocals will antagonize and taunt you with it’s pure viciousness while the sliding electric guitar adds a hint of unease and apathy. It’s a song to strike fear in your hearts and get you feeling like a real punk rocker.

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