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Listen: Conduit “To The Tower”

Have you ever thought about what you would do if the car you were in was about to fall off a cliff? Would your flight or fight response kick set off a “planned” survival reaction that you’ve semi-subconsciously thought through a few dozen of times in your head while driving with a drunk friend?

A moment based off movies, fictitious literature moments—the call for survival in doomed times. This new track from Conduit is the soundtrack for this all.

To be honest the anxiety level on the song is turned up all the way to 11. It hammers its presence into you, “To The Tower” reveals itself with no mercy with an atmosphere of temperamental and monotonous noise that deliberately explores the shifts and turbulent toughness of militant marches.

The head-wrecking repetitive structure is the song’s real hook—everything from the vocals, to the drums, and the guitars is a consolidation of flickering catharsis and confrontation.

Alessandro Keegan, vocalist of the New York- based band, who’s been nothing but impervious, abruptly shifts the patterns of heavy and ravaged strums and defuses into a melodic ‘pissed-the-fuck-out-of-life’ chant that is nothing but defiant even when it sounds so sweet against a tired and uninterrupted march. The intimacy in which Keegan particularly ends the song does not clash with the turmoil we’ve been taken along throughout the song. It makes sense—human reaction, rational thoughts, and then you gear up for action. Now I’m intrigued, and then it comes to and end.

“To The Tower” is the first off Conduit’s LP Drowning World out September 3 via Kitschy Spirit Records.

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