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Listen: Derde Verde “Turn”

These days, it feels a little hard to well, feel anything you haven’t necessarily felt before, when listening to music. However, Los Angeles based Derde Verde stirs up something unknown, an emotion we maybe don’t care to acknowledge, but certainly one that feels new, in their latest single, “Turn.”

It’s a push-pull of a message, resisting what’s to come and begging to hold on to the present. The lyrics go down with a punch, especially when McKenzie sings, “Wanna run but I wouldn’t be proud of it / coming down like a blade on my skin.”

A fresh brand of rock, the three piece have proven nothing but capable as becoming indie’s next darlings. Regarding the track, Indie Pop-Ups added, “What starts out as a quiet, sad song turns into a noise pop tour-de-force with a wall of guitars piercing your soul!” Members Jon Schwarz and Matthias Wagner fuse their instrumentals elegantly with McKenzie’s poignant vocals, forming a place for us to lay down in the tall grass and listen to Derde Verde do their stuff.

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