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Listen: Downtown Boys “A Wall”

On their new single from their upcoming Sub Pop album Cost of Living, Downtown Boys continue to wave the flag for punk’s potential to be a radically critical and uncompromising voice for marginalized peeps. Doing so can be scary, but Victoria Ruiz sounds fearless as she screams “you can’t pull the plug on us. I won’t let that go, never let that go.” These are dark times, but on “A Wall” Downtown Boys scream “fuck it!” and focus all their rage into a focused burner to soundtrack shaking your fists at oppressors. Today, those oppressors come in the form of men on beaches screaming at Muslim families, as well as lawmakers trying to legislate against us. “A wall is a wall! A wall is just a wall! a wall is a wall! and nothing more at all!” Victoria Ruiz screams, reminding us that these pathetic obstacles Republicans erect can easily be scaled, or even better torn down completely. Listen to “A Wall” below and pray that by the time Cost of Living comes out Donald Trump will have been impeached.

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