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Listen: Native Sun “Big Succ(ess)”

Photo by Rachel Cabitt

To fully grasp this new track by the handsome boys of Native Sun, you gotta understand the band a little too. First of all, these four NYC rockers will make your ears bleed and give you rock ‘n’ roll that will set your soul ablaze—but they’re also some of the most level-headed and generous leather jacking-donning/mosh-inducing people you’ll ever meet. Secondly, they’re family people and stand up for the ones they love, and coming from hardworking immigrant families they’ve had to put up with a lot of bullshit here in the U.S. (And thirdly, they’ve got a killer taste in punk music, but that’s already blindingly obvious.)

So, now that you’ve got the basics down, crank that volume up and listen to their newest single “Big Succ(ess).” A robust song about the inequalities that gets swept to the side every painstaking day and how god damn frustrating that is. Bringing to light the uncontrollable disadvantages people have to go through along to earth shattering guitar shreds, forcefully passionate vocals and beats that could erupt a dormant volcano is what I call punk rock.

“Apathy is over,” the band writes about the track. “We shouldn’t be creating heroes, we should be looking for good ideas.” And the first good idea towards a brighter future? Listening to this song and letting it motivate you to give a damn.

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