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Listen: Pomona Dream “Tropicana”

Pomona Dream’s “Tropicana” is like a pleasant dream where you can’t quite tell where you are, or who you’re with, but you’re happy there, and you want to bask inside of it for as long as possible.

With its rippling opening chords, “Tropicana” transports the listener to some kind of sleek tropical paradise, complete with palm trees, blue moons and a night still young. It’s a blend of funky lounge music, jazz, and indie synth pop – all vaguely evocative of different places and different times, but while retaining that unmistakable sharpness of something new. (The band themselves aptly describe it as “future jazz psycho bop” on their Twitter).

The world of “Tropicana” is about creating a dreamscape in your own mind, perfect for this summer’s unseasonably gray and rainy weather. When the summertime sadness hits, press play for escapism at its best.

Surprisingly, Pomona Dream doesn’t hail from California (or say, Miami or Aruba) but Sweden — a duo consisting of producer Ribbs and singer Sandra Bang, brought together through none other than Soundcloud bots, in a some kind of post-post-modern origin story (or whatever.) Both artists were alerted that they had mistakenly gotten credit for each other’s music, according to Pomona Dream’s Facebook page, which led to meeting in person. A week and a handful of singles later, Sandra extended an invitation to Ribbs to move in with her, and as their Facebook says, “In the end if you don’t like their music….blame Soundcloud!”

So yes, their vision for “Tropicana” may be merely imaginary from the faraway streets of Scandinavia, but hey, so was Kokomo, and look how that one turned out.

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