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Listen: Protomartyr “Come & See”

Four piece Detroit rock act Protomartyr are releasing their second album in a just a few short months. The album will be released in early April on Hardy Art. It is ominously titled Under Color of Official Right, and its cover artwork, featured above, also gives off a threatening feeling. As you would expect, “Come & See” has a similar aesthetic.

It begins with a piercing guitar riff, which sets the tone for the whole song. It gives “Come & See” a very post-punk feel. The lyrics are defeatist and carry a pseudo-rebellious lean, as if the song was made during occupation. Lyrics such as “..and I’ll try to live defeated” and “Let them count their money with broken arms” are prevalent. It gets to the basic tenants of what much of the punk movement was built on. It gives Protomartyr’s sound an appreciated bite, and hopefully it is a major part of the composition of their new album. LIsten below.

Under Color of Official Right is out April 8th on Hardy Art

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