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Listen: Sobs “Catflap”

Celine Autumn, Jared Lim, and Raphael Ong make up the Singapore-based project Sobs. In June of 2017 these self-proclaimed purveyors of “uncool pop music” dropped Catflap, a blubberingly sweet EP.

The title track explores the confusing threshold of love and friendship—how it can make you insecure but nevertheless keeps you in a willing hold, “we’re still holding hands through a catflap.” They capture this disconnect and dependency with clean bedroom guitar, barely damp vox, and sparkly drums. I can picture my sixteen-year-old self staring up at the ceiling and blaring this through headphones.

Check out the honey smooth indie coming out of South East Asia. Bands like Sobs, off Singapore based label Middle Class Cigars, are one of a few in this expanding community.

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