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Listen: Starcrawler “Hollywood Ending”

Following the release of the group’s self-titled debut earlier this year, Starcrawler end the year with the catchy tune “Hollywood Ending.” In the track singer Arrow de Wilde talks about the end of relationships, of attachment, of being deceived by a place, a person and wanting to detach herself from people she cannot ultimately trust.

She calls the song her “prayer,” the vocalists add that, “In the song I pray for ‘The End.’ The end of being lied to, toyed with, the end of false friendships and relationships. “I’m begging for a clean start. Let me walk into the light.” Produced by Ryan Adam, the message collides with the pop-rock execution and chord progressions. De Wilde sounds the strongest in the powerful line “The end / The end, when will it begin” compared to the verses, which sorts of represent the line that divides presenting the problem that is to deal with fake motherfuckers and wanting your voice to be heard amongst deception and subsequently be freed from it.

“Hollywood Ending” is a coming of age song for the band in its generation, who have been extensively touring and have quickly earned a reputation of leaving not only sweat and tears on stage but also blood. De Wilde is known for her legitimate antics of putting herself out and front of a crowd and serving theater madness in a velocity that rock stages have not seen in a while. The song is reminiscent of 90’s alternative rock, but also of a hybrid between Hole’s “Malibu” and early 2000’s jams, where existentialism and the intricacies of new relationships are the core of songs.

It’s the sour part of growing up where you’ve been given the chance to choose your path, based on others own experiences, but the only moment and trauma that counts is your own. One can only hope that the door we do end up opening is the best one, if not pray, just like De Wilde—there’s always time and space to kick what brings you down to the fucking gutter and leave it there.

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