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Listen: Sudakistan ‘Concrete Djungle’

Swedish/South American based Sudakistans latest single ‘Concrete Djungle’ is a teaser from the bands long awaited debut album Caballo Negro, out November 20 via PNKSLM Recordings. This track takes you on a space safari with their use of latin based drum beats, noisy guitars, and pulsing post-punk vocals. In a reverb whirl pool we descend on a journey that draws you in with a percussive rush. The addition of splashes of flowering psychedelic guitars and whispers of distant spiraling whistle create layers of adrenaline filled whimsey for your youthful revolting heart. ‘Concrete Djungle‘ is playful and deranged in all the best ways. Clocking in at 3:08 its the perfect amount of chaos for any playlist.

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