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Listen: Sudol “Moon”

If you have been yearning for that mid-winter soundtrack, one for the darkest of December nights, Alison Sudol has your back.

Moon, Sudol’s first EP under this name (Sudol previously released work as “A Fine Frenzy”), captures the lost, lonely feeling which accompanies those angsty moments when winter seems to have no end; when warm summer nights are only a vague memory and four more months of snow and wind may as well be four years for all that matters.

The first track on Moon “Escape the Blade,” begins with a question. The one being asked this question is unknown, but Sudol invites the listener into her world, a world full of self-doubt, isolation, and implications of mental health issues.

The five song EP may not have diversity in terms of musical atmosphere, but it is admirably consistent in its effort to establish a sound, and it does so quite well. Much of the EP is piano-based, often complimented with subtle guitar lines and light, warm percussion. Each song is personable, thoughtfully written, and, most importantly, unique to the artist who Sudol is. The best aspect of the EP is in fact Sudol’s voice, which is very clean and familiar, but distinctive enough to become recognizable after a few listens. The EP’s use of harmonies is also a high-point, truly highlighting Sudol’s musicianship and raw talent as a singer/songwriter.

The tracks on Moon may all suffer a bit from sticking to a similar formula, but the formula is good. Sudol clearly has a vision, and it has taken charming form in Moon.

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