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Listen: Sunflower Bean “I Was a Fool”

Wow, it feels like forever (3 years!) since Sunflower Bean put out their debut album Human Ceremony and were dubbed “The #1 Hardest Working NYC Band” by Oh My Rockness. Since then band toned down their hectic gigging schedule, presumably to work on some follow up material. They’ve also signed to Mom + Pop records, joining peers acts Courtney Barnett and Parquet Courts. Now we’re starting to hear the fruits of their labors. Their new song “I Was a Fool” finds the band conjuring up a similar laid-back classic rock vibe as their past material, but their psychedelic swirl hasn’t grown any less appealing. Julia Cummings continues to evolve into a confident singer, and Nick Kivlen’s gentle vocals and shimmering guitar work complement her nimble baselines. I can’t wait to moodily stare out the J train window as this song plays in my headphones. Hopefully, this means Sunflower Bean will be back to playing shows soon. In the meantime, I’m going to put this song on repeat and try to remain calm as the world continues to circle the drain. Join me!

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