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Listen: Surfbort “Les Be in Love”

World music is a strange name for a genre when you think about it. Lots of questions arise. Whose world is it? What music qualifies to be of this world? Is there also a subgenre called anti-world music?

It’s quite a heavy burden to put the weight of the world on one genre. But alas, Surfbort attempts to carry that weight. A band whose motto has always been to support and spread loving vibes. Even though punk music is often described as angry and aggressive that energy usually comes from the political climate and/or from constantly being viewed as “the other.” More than ever before, it’s easy to fall into a declivity of despair when reflecting upon the state of the world. Yet, punk music has always had an insatiable need to defy and resist. Leaving many to assume it is Anti-World, but I dare to say the opposite, it is music this world desperately needs.

Surfbort’s latest track reminds the listener of what truly matters in this world: Love. Their track “Les Be in Love” is a perfect example of their clever endeavors in lyricism. The song starts off with rapid drums and a full attack of heavily distorted guitars join, while lead singer Dani Miller earnestly cries “Les be in love.”

The track becomes an ode to unity, “We’ve got exactly/ what we need/ to rule the world/ I’ve got you and you’ve got me.” The uplifting lyrics and adrenaline-inducing melody take the listener out of a complacent state, propelling listeners to take action or just to genuinely feel something. The song is tight and just under 2 minutes, which leaves one hopeful and yearning for more.

Surfbort is playing our Cult Citizen showcase at SXSW. Read more about it here.

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