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Listen: The Drums “Magic Mountain”

The Drums

The Drums return after a brief radio silence with the edgy single “Magic Mountain.” For a band that was almost pigeonholed as “beach pop,” this sounds far from some carefree ode to throw around while loitering on the boardwalk. No, this track has a dark under belly, with heavy distortion, a propulsive bottomend, and what sounds like a tea kettle rising menacingly in pitch in the background. It makes me think of a sort of dark, unsettling version of an Arctic Monkeys tune, but one that’s somehow more vulnerable. Not everything is doom and gloom, however, and their penchant for pop shines through at the 2:30 mark with some friendly “do do dos” and dreamlike synth that carry it through to the end.

Give it a listen below, then meet me inside.

No details for the next album just yet. Check back soon!

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