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Listen: The Voidz “Leave It In My Dreams”

The Voidz share their new single “Leave It In My Dreams” in anticipation of their second album, released under RCA and Casablancas’ own label, Cult Records. Now operating under simply The Voidz, their new name brings an evolution of sound. The few glimpses of the new album, which include a performance on Brazilian TV with new track called “Wink” and a Warren Fu directed album trailer, have displayed a more accessible sound. Produced by Shawn Everett, “Leave It In My Dreams” captures a lyrical freedom complimented by layers of intricate guitar rifts. A greater pop sensibility comes through after the more aggressive debut album Tyranny.

2014’s Tyranny dealt with a variety of topics, including political and economic downturn, yet since its release, America, and well, the world, has experienced extremities not even this six piece avant garde punk group could predict. The new album, more gently entitled Virtue, appears to take a more positive outlook on life, with Casablancas declaring in this new track “all these surreal things and sudden decisions/ Just wanna waste my time with you.”

Have a listen to their new song below, and while you are at it, re-visit their album trailer here.


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