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Listen: The Voidz “Pointlessness”

What a way to go. The Voidz have a new album on the way, Virtue, and it’s closing track, the newly released “Pointlessness,” is an apocalyptic portrait of its namesake. And, like anything from The Voidz, it’s futuristic yet retro, dark as night yet hugely melodic, and so industrial that you can nearly taste it rusting. And add in just a dash of distortion for good measure.

Opening with an admission full of shame (I think I’m wasted/But I’m ready/I think I’m ready/But I’m wasted”), the track melts into a delicate march towards oblivion, haunted by numerous cries of despair. But there’s also an aftertaste of freedom that, while heart-tugging, may also shatter your heart in relation to the track’s title. As lead singer, Julian Casablancas, cries “What does it matter” almost endlessly, the track bursts into a symphonic break down featuring a fuzzy guitar solo that could narrate a blood red sunset within a  sci-fi Lars Von Trier film.

“Pointlessness” may not live up to the masterpiece that was the 10-minute experience that was “Human Sadness,” the sonic art piece from their last album, but it doesn’t think it needs to. After all, they “believe that you’re gonna be forgotten any day now.” The journey ends with 45 seconds of fuzzy dead air and feedback from some sort of technology. Something has ended. But it’s not just the song.

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