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Listen: Why Bonnie “Practice”

Why Bonnie, an Austin-based quartet, popped up seemingly out of nowhere and immediately caught my attention with their take on handling grief. Sonically, they’ve created venue-sized bedroom pop that’s as genuine as it is dreamy. It’s the kind of music that could paint the background of the best teen rom-coms. Not because they’re whiny or full of angst, but because they know how to illustrate the most devastating of emotions and make them palatable. That’s why their newest single, “Practice,” feels like a track made for the prom.

Throughout the track, a delicate loop of 80s-style electric strumming dances around bold and full guitar riffs. And yet, lead singer Blair Howerton sighs over the whimsical production with a fear of never being fully prepared to handle heartbreak (“The rest is practice/It’s not the real thing”). Such a fear could feel endlessly bleak, but Why Bonnie infuse their insecurities with so much hope and so many dreams that sadness never seemed so manageable. The next time you’re feeling blue and you choose to stay in for the night, let Why Bonnie curate your sulking.

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