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Listen: Zola Jesus “Dangerous Days”


Although Nika Danilova, aka Zola Jesus released an album of redone versions of older songs (literally named Versions) last year, it’s been since all the way back in 2011 since we’ve gotten a proper release from her. That album, Conatus, had a fan, at least, in this writer. Three years later we now have Taiga, Her new album on a new label (Mute). The album is out in October and features, among others, her newest song “Dangerous Days.”

Zola Jesus as a project has always had a flare for the dramatic. And with a voice like that it almost comes naturally. It’s almost disconcerting to hear such an upbeat and pop oriented song from such a dour sounding voice. But of course it works quite well. It’s got a very Scandinavian pop feel to it, but is made wholly unique by her vocals, which aren’t easy for anyone to duplicate. Check it out below.

Taiga is out October 7 on Mute.

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