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Live Review: QWAM @ The Knitting Factory

photos by Connor McNamara.

When I premiered QWAM’s EP, I predicted that their show would be a heck of a good time. I’m happy to report that after seeing them at The Knitting Factory my suspicions were correct. The band sounded tight, with frontwoman Felicia Lobo leading the charge with her vampy yet forceful howl. I broke into a grin multiple times watching them play. As they played songs like “Dirty Feet” it wasn’t hard to imagine them playing bigger stages soon.


So many rock/punk/alternative bands provide a fun upbeat time. Their songs are appropriately ragged and soaring, bringing to mind visions of cathartic and sweat-filled shows. Too often these bands are revealed to be stiff genre purists live, barely moving as they perform the same wrote songwriting moves over and over again. If every song has a guitar solo in the exact same place, after the 4th song in a set it’s no longer a visceral release. You’re just stroking your own ego dude. Good job, now collect your reward: apathetic audience head nodding.


Fortunately, QWAM’s silly and unpretentious energy means that they actually let loose and have a fun time onstage, inspiring their crowd to do the same. During their song “Pedal to the Metal” (from their last EP Queen With a Megaphone) Lobo handed the microphone to the crowd who happily screamed the song’s “BOW BOW BOW” hook into the mic before headbanging. Songs like “Doggie Door” inspired crowd sing-a-longs as well as a rowdy pit. Lobo spent the last 30 seconds of the QWAM’s set happily moshing among the fans, relishing in the rowdy fun she and her band created.

The next time you have the chance to see QWAM play, get to the gig.

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