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March 1: Deaf Poets & Relapse @ Arlene’s Grocery, 7pm ($10)

Attention everybody: This garage rock duo left the warm and sunny shores of Miami, FL to live the rough ‘n’ tuff gritty life of NYC and blow all us New Yorkers outta the Rockaway waters.

Deaf Poets, though Miami at heart, has graced the city that never sleeps and is providing it with some killer tunes that are a must see. Sure, you hear “garage rock” and you may think, “oh, so like every band in NYC?” No. It’s not like that. Deaf Poets ooze with distorted guitar that make your insides quake, lyrics you imagine a dead rockstar raised from the grave would sound like, and beats that serenade the monster under your bed. They didn’t need NYC to be a gritty garage band, NYC needed Deaf Poets to keep that city grit cool.

So, catch them on March 1st at Arlene’s Grocery with Relapse to get your proper dose of garage rock.

21+, tickets & details here

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