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Watch: Max Pain & the Groovies “Checkin’ Out Late”

Hitchhiking, crystal balls, garden gnomes, armed robbery, and beer… self-described “Grease Troll Rock ’N’ Roll” band Max Pain & the Groovies returns with a new video for “Checkin’ Out Late,” the lead single off their upcoming EP Sounds From The Hole out 9/14 via Greenway Records.

“Checkin’ Out Late” rips open with the revving of a motorcycle engine, which at first feels like a nod to “L.A. Woman” by the Doors, but you quickly realize that this group embodies a different breed of Morrison. This is a Morrison who is more into skateboarding than poetry, one who has supplemented his peyote-desert-adventures with a healthy dose of speed.

Driving drums and rolling, yet sludgy basslines provide a gritty rhythmic foundation for dueling guitar riffs that mesmerize in their ability to simultaneously capture the best elements of West Coast psych and East Coast garage. David Johnson’s lead vocals ride on top and tie it all together, covering what the band knows best: the road, partying, and girls. While these rock ’n’ roll motifs have been pounded into the ground for decades, Johnson digs deeper and muses about the ephemeral nature of life.

Don’t miss their sure-to-be-a raucous of a 7” release show this Friday, September 14th at Our Wicked Lady with Las Rosas and BIRDS. Doors at 8PM.

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