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May 25-26: The Elsewhere Rooftop Opening with NOBUNNY & Branko ($10-$20)

Summer has (finally) fucking arrived and besides the blistering humidity and a pervasive smell of warm urine, it also means it’s rooftop season. And to celebrate the end of an annoyingly long winter, Elsewhere will open their roof this weekend, setting off a summer-long roster of food, booze, and music. 


For their first rooftop show ever, Elsewhere has selected the raucous yet terrifying NOBUNNY to set the Brooklyn skyline ablaze this Friday. Like a tornado unleashed from Looney Toons, they came through Williamsburg earlier this year for one of the winter’s best shows and they’re ready to make you dance, sweat, and scream again into the sunset. If you’ve ever wanted to see a half-naked man in a rabbit mask playing punk music…well, here’s your opportunity. Grab your tickets, one of Elsewhere’s many frozen drinks, and head straight into the pit for the truly batshit brilliant bullshit that is NOBUNNY.


Shake off the hangover the next day and come right back the next night for another, albeit less vicious, night of dancing. Portuguese producer Branko and openers Uproot Andy and Alex Pasternak will light up the Bushwick sky in an all-day rooftop dance party. Branko and his fluorescent beats have been making a splash across the pond for several years now so his Elsewhere debut is not to be missed. 


If you can’t make it to The Elsewhere Rooftop this weekend…well, that’s on you. But you can check out their full calendar and sign up for their mailing list to stay up to date on all their food popups, film screenings, and art happenings that are yet to be announced. And, before they sell out, grab your tickets to other fantastic shows by artists like TEEN, Caroline Rose, Bonny Doon, and Dizzy. With 10 years and two other venues under their belts, the party pros at Popgun know how to have a damn good time and The Elsewhere Rooftop will surely be their most exciting space yet.

Opening weekend tickets and details here.

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