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Mixtape: a post-holiday mix from Wooing

Wooing perform at Cult Citizen this week alongside Uni and Twin Guns. Since we’re in the in between-ish period of the holiday between Christmas and the New Year, we asked the band for a playlist of tracks they listen to during this time of the year. Below is Wooing’s debut track as well as a playlist and some commentary.

Rachel’s Picks

Stephen Malkmus “Vague Space”

This song has been on repeat for all of December for me. When you’re on a really packed train or in a rush it just helps make everything fun and sassy. The reverse guitar part is my favorite.

Faces “Ooh La La”

This songs makes me think about New Years resolutions and getting older.

Quasi “Merry X-Mas”

One of my all time favorite bands. Not your normal holiday song really, but it’s amazing. I love listening to them around this time of year. This is their only x-mas song.

The Zombies “This Will Be Our Year”

Always uplifting no matter what!

JR’s picks

 Sonic Youth “Kotton Krown” 

“Kotton Krown” is a chill, dreamy song that reminds me of NYC in the winter. Great jamming, too! I found this record (Sister) when I was fourteen and visiting my grandfather in California.

Dear Nora “The New Year”

Underknown songwriter/performer. This is an early effort from 2002. Song-wise, it’s kind of all over the place in a beautiful, charming way. It’s low-fi, lonely, and the kind of thing to put on when the days are short and cloudy.

Gustav Mahler “Symphony No. 4” 

When I saw the NYPHIl perform this, people were crying in the aisles at the end. It’s a beautiful symphony. This starts with sleigh bells, and there’s a strange, beautiful ending song about a child’s version of Heaven. Mahler’s symphonies are like little worlds unto themselves—this is like a snowglobe.

Sia “Puppies Are Forever”

Sia is an excellent songwriter. This appropriately inane and mirthful, but with a latent message about responsibility – puppies get old.  Fun to sing along to at the wine shop where I work. We place it twice in a row sometimes.

George Jones “Lonely Christmas Call”

Who better to explore the sad, disappointing side of Christmas than George Jones? I’m from Texas, and I have a soft spot for golden age country music like this.

Rosie’s picks

Donny Hathaway “This Christmas”

This just a track that makes me happy.

Stevie Wonder “Someday at Christmas”

The lyrics on this one are a sentiment that seem very relevant right now.

Darlene Lone “Winter Wonderland”

I grew up with Darlene—listening and playing with her—and this one was always a favorite to bust out the sleigh bells and sing harmonies to.

*NSYNC “O Holy Night (A Capella)”

A big part of the season in my family was going to holiday parties and caroling with all of my parents’ friends. There aren’t many contemporary takes on traditional carols that stay really close to the basics. I love the harmonies of this one, and it was always my favorite carol…. also, *NSYNC was just great.

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