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Mixtape: Aries season

Aries, lucky you—your sign start with spring and the Persian new year! A sign of renaissance, revival and renewal you are courageous, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic and honest. Of course your are not perfect and as a fire sign you can also be moody, impulsive and impatient.

Your vices tend to be comfortable clothes, spicy dishes and indulging your party animal habits. Better for you to boogie with leo and libra with who you are very compatible. This month I’m closing my 80’s electro funk phase and to celebrate Aries season I’ve put all of my favorite songs in that vein into your playlist. A bit of dreamy pop, some new wave, a lil of disco and some funky track, all just to celebrate Nowrooz, spring and your beautiful self! (Of course, I couldn’t help myself so I slipped in a few french songs).

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