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Mixtape: Heavy Comforter

Sometimes I think I don’t wanna date someone as much as just have someone to snuggle. There’s nothing more sublime then nestling into a bed or couch with a heavy blanket and 5 or so pillows. This activity is obviously not suited to the warmer months, but come November it’s on babeeee.

The music industry obviously agrees, and there have been a couple of new releases that have made me want to dive for the blankets. Any of Emily Yacina’s songs from her new album Heart Sky are appropriate for dozing the day away. “Country” by Porches seems tailormade for starting wistfully at the ceiling. Julien Baker literally just wants to nap on her haunting lead single “Turn Out the Lights” and “Altar” by Suno Deko is ready-made for a meditative time with a blanket.

Below is a playlist made up of those songs, with some classics like “Modern Girl” by Sleater Kinney and “Ladies and Gentleman We Are Floating in Space” by Spiritualized mixed in as well. So throw on your heavy blankets and put your phone on silent, this playlist is for you and your boo’s snuggle time (or in my case, me and 5 pillows).

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