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Mixtape: Music for the way down

I’ve been so supremely stressed out by my jobs and general life decisions for the last few months that I have not emotionally processed all of the dumb shit that has been both done to me and that I have done. Now that SXSW and the hurricane is over, I finally have a minute to breathe and boy, I do not like it!

The (relative) emotional stability (ha!) I’ve had for the last few months has given way to a snowball of existential crises and nervous breakdowns. ANYWAYS this is the playlist I’m using both to help me cry more and less! I’m not sure what it’ll do for you—maybe make you a little more unhinged but here ya go.

Also enjoy this picture of Anna Karina from Une Femme Est Une Femme which makes me feel incrementally better about publishing mixtapes for meltdowns onto the internet.

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