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Mixtape: Salty Christmas

Tis the Christmas season, and while most Christmas music is merry, there’s a lot of stressors that come out around the holidays. You have to worry about buying plane tickets home, budgeting your money for presents, seeing relatives you may have less and less in common with and returning “home” to a place you barely know anymore. Like Kesha pointed out earlier this year in Time “maybe you’re alone when everyone else is with family. Or you are off from work, with more time to think troubling thoughts. Or you are at work and can’t be with those you love.”

These things can make you feel a little salty, so here’s a salty Christmas mix for all you scrooges. It’s filled with uptempo gripes about the holiday season, from old punks the Ramones to newbies like Dude York. There’s a brilliantly bitter breakup song from Kate Nash, (which also has a fab video). No Doubt’s holiday-themed ode to racial tensions in the punk world feels all the more relevant now that white nationalist are becoming more and more commonplace, though the ultimate “let’s all be friends message” of the song has a lot to be desired. It is noble that Haji saves the skinhead in the end, but also fuck that guy. Courtney Love sneering “I don’t really miss god / but I sure miss Santa Clause” on Hole’s “Gutless” is iconic all year long, but it def rings truer around now when you’re picking up extra shifts to afford presents.

So spike some eggnog and listen to the mix below.

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