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Mixtape: The Count Of Monte Cristo is 1,300 Pages Long and It Turns Out I Don’t Have ADD

So I recently read The Count Of Monte Cristo, which is 1,300 pages long. No I do not have super powers, or ADD for that matter, but I may be insane. I was also saddled with time, as I was stuck in my apartment for four days. Five years ago when I purchased this three inch thick book, I did it with the intention of reading it immediately. “How have I not already read it?” I thought. Well, when I arrived home and realized how long it was, I stuck it on a shelf thinking, “Not today, but tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.” Since then, it has stared at me from its perch, judging me, calling me a poser for my promise of “tomorrow.” I mean, that happens, though — especially with a book that’s so long you’d need a gun to your head to finish it. Anyway, I did read it and it was amazing, but, more importantly, I’ve put together a playlist that not only encapsulates the vibe of the book but also my significant struggle reading it. So kick back and give it a spin — you won’t need four days to get through it.


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