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Mixtape: The Nude Party’s Country Playlist

Illustration by Alberto Pazzi.

It’s a party no matter where these guys are! If you haven’t met them yet, say howdy to The Nude Party. A six-piece rock outfit that knows how to have a good time and play some hard hitting rock ‘n’ roll. See them live and feel the slide guitar go down your body while you sway along to cowboy-inspired stories that sing desperately and melodically about love, records, and driving your life away in a Chevrolet. These mountain-boys can’t help but be inspired by some of the best in country music history. They’ve created a playlist by some of country music’s greatest pioneers with tracks made for drinking whiskey to—songs like “That’s How I Got To Memphis” by the heartbroken Tom T. Hall and “Slide Off Your Satin Sheets” by the one and only Johnny Paycheck. Let these boys teach you what real country music is. (Except for “Buy Me A Boat,” I won’t vouch for that one, sorry guys…) Catch them at Elsewhere April 6th!

16+, tickets and details here.

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