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Music Video Breakdown: Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Thermals, and Captain Murphy

“Sacrilege” by Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Turns out Lily Cole is a witch. Is anybody surprised? I’m not. What does surprise me is that Yeah Yeah Yeahs somehow got a hold of the film from her witch-hunt. We all know that England is a little backwards but really, witch-hunts? In America, we quit doing that in the ’50s.


Sen. Joseph McCarthy

Right? We did stop that didn’t we? Oh yeah, speaking of backwards the video is backwards chronologically. So really for this footage to make sense, play the video backwards on mute in one window, then open another window and play it forwards with the audio.




“Born to Kill” by The Thermals

I love The Thermals, so I am very sad about this video. It appears that lead-singer Hutch Harris has done something drastic, and band mates Kathy Foster and Westin Glass are not happy about it. It’s obviously a capital offense, so I am guessing that he changed the password to the band’s communal Netflix account. Kat and Wes absolutely love Portlandia, so they take Hutch to an undisclosed location with dramatic lighting and beat the shit out of him. Hutch stands strong and is completely unapologetic.

I'll Never Tell

I’ll Never Tell

Kat and Wes do what any warm blooded human would do––they take him into the woods and execute that motherfucker. Don’t nobody stand between The Thermals and their Portlandia, not even The Thermals.

Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 1.12.44 PM


“The Killing Joke” by Captain Murphy

Holy shit, it’s a brand new rapper than nobody has ever heard of. He is really good, absurdly creative, and pulls samples from diverse sources before mixing them with a cool jazzy beats and rapping over them in very distinct manner. But wait! There is a twist! We are not allowed to know his identity. Judging by the samples I am pretty sure he is this guy:


I am gonna let y’all mull that over. But while you think, check out this completely unrelated interview that I found on the Internet. Totally random…


Breakdown by Scott Bunze

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